CPR Training brings together Board members and Junior Guides

On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, the Junior Guides in training spent the morning in a CPR class taught by Patrice Bowes, an American Heart Association instructor and her assistant Mark Nalewaiski along with 7 talented and attentive teenagers joined by Pelican Island Audubon president Richard Baker, Board members Bill Halliday, Tina Marchese, and Environmental Educator Katheryne Nix.  Live and video instruction was followed by hands-on participation, where everyone took a turn at chest compression techniques on adult and infant dummies.  Role-playing was used to demonstrate team rescue link procedures–and was most enthusiastically and theatrically demonstrated by the campers. Earlier in the day they had learned how to use a camera, so after lunch the group returned outdoors for a photo shoot.  A full day of meaningful activities!

Bob the Dummy is used to teach proper CPR techniques.
The Junior Guides learn CPR on a realistic dummy.
Board members try to save the dummy’s life.
Practicing on a real person.

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