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Pelican Island Audubon’s Audubon Advocate afterschool program combats nature deficit disorder among 5th-12th grade students in Indian River County, with the focus on disadvantaged students and their families.  The Audubon Advocate program is a tuition-free, after-school lagoon science education program for 5th graders that includes four Title 1 schools with an expanded Audubon Adventure Camp for at-risk 6th-12th graders drawn from across Indian River County to provide programs during school breaks and weekends.  Activities the students participate in include kayaking, bird watching, wildlife & plant identification, hiking, science education, and more!

Overview of the programs:

  • Audubon Advocates: This is a 14-week, two semester after-school program for 104 selected 5th graders from four South County Title 1 schools. This programs addresses nature deficit disorder by getting children outside and active, kayaking on the lagoon, exploring trails and habitat on conservation areas. Students learn respect and leadership skills, outdoor and science skills, and required science vocabulary words resulting in better STEM scores as they progress to higher grades.  Actual scientists are brought in as role models to inspire the students and interest them in science.
  • Expanded Audubon Adventure Camp for 6th — 12th grade: conducted in summer and on selected weekends and holidays provides conservation programs and teaches leadership skills, engages in confidence building activities and works to raise student self-esteem. Family Event Days and parent workshops are conducted at least 4 per school per year, bringing parents into the program.
  • Visiting Teacher program: our lead teacher visits the schools regularly to meet with students and provide introductions, requirements and guidelines to parents, promoting the program and recruiting students.

Please sponsor an Audubon Advocate student

$400 supports one student throughout the entire Audubon Advocate afterschool program. Help fund one or more students to attend.


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