Coastal Bird Webinars

Recordings of educational webinars hosted by Audubon Florida. Find a variety of coastal bird topics in these webinars provided by Audubon staff.

Banding reveals the mysterious lives of birds on the move. Adam DiNuovo, Audubon Florida’s Southwest Florida Shorebird Project Manager, will illustrate how banding can aid avian conservation and protect birds now and into the future. Adam has been working with shorebirds and seabirds across the US and beyond for more than 15 years.
Join Audubon Florida biologists Jeff Leichty and Rebekah Snyder for this webinar about the unique ecology and nesting strategies of sea and shorebirds nesting on gravel rooftops across Florida.
Learn about coastal bird species and how they have fared in the ten years since the Deepwater Horizon disaster. In this webinar, Audubon Florida’s Holley Short, Project Manager, Bird Monitoring & Stewardship, joined National Audubon Society coastal staff from around the Gulf. 
Audubon Florida’s Director of Bird Conservation shares details about coastal habitat enhancement efforts in Florida in this webinar.

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