November 2009 – Special Recognition Bird Photo

© Sarah Kappel

Photographer’s name: Sarah Kappel
Title of photo:    “Spread”
Date & Place photograph was taken:    Dubai  
Bird(s) identification: Indian Peafowl, Pavo cristatus (Asiatic)
Camera used: CANNON Power shot SD950 IS

“Sarah Kappel sent in this beautiful photograph of a peacock taken in Dubai. When peacocks strut they are constantly moving towards and swaying to attract the female…so this is a very technically difficult picture to take, so exactly, so symmetrical! And what a wonderful direct-on-angle to highlight the beauty of the truly brilliant colors of the Peacock tail.  The deep turquoise blue of the peacock’s body is reflected in each of the circles radiating out.  It is cropped just exactly to focus in on the really amazing patterned symmetry, despite the temptation to show more of the Peacock’s amazing tail.

Now we do have peacocks in Florida, but this one was taken abroad in Dubai which led us to consider the reason for having the Photo of the Month and what we really want to encourage: observing and looking at our local Florida birds which are numerous and beautiful.  It also gives everyone a chance to compare pictures that they might take more easily in Florida.  Since we are a local chapter in Florida we want people to explore our Indian River County and other Florida habitats outside our county…so we are limiting photos to Florida photos…though peacocks or any bird found in Florida would qualify.”

Juanita Baker,
Coordinator for the PIAS Photo of the Month

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