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  • February 2021 Plants Need Birds Photo Contest

    February 2021 Plants Need Birds Photo Contest

    Take time to smell the flowers by Juanita Baker, Ph.D. What a subtle, delicate beauty ‘smelling’ the Blue Mistflower Conoclinium coelestinum!  Inserting its sharp warbler bill amongst the flowers, this Palm Warbler aimed to capture the many insects that are drawn to flowering plants. Focused on its next meal, more often than other warble r…

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  • January 2021 Birds Need Plants Photo of the Month

    January 2021 Birds Need Plants Photo of the Month

    Common Yellowthroat Playing in the Pickerel Weed by Juanita Baker, Ph.D. Common Yellowthroats are one of our most common warblers in North and Central America, in all continental states including Alaska and Canadian Provinces except the farthest northern province, Nunavat.  They breed and the females build cup-like nests at the end of April-June in Florida amongst…

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  • November 2019 Bird of the Month

    This diminutive Tufted Titmouse perched on this magnificent mossy stump looks fragile and innocent. Like large-headed, large-eyed human babies, and young animals, the titmouse’s large head with dark eye emphasized by the light contrasting gray background endears the Tufted Titmouse to us. With their characteristic loud call, “Peter, Peter, Peter” they alert us to their…

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  • September 2019 Bird of the Month

    Because bluebirds adapt to human habitats quickly, scientists have studied them extensively.  They are an ideal species for us all to observe and learn from as they use nest boxes, forage in the open, gather in flocks during winter, and chatter together, revealing where they are.  Unlike most bird species, juvenile gender is easily distinguishable…

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