Florida Birds Exposed

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Pelican Island Audubon Society (PIAS) proudly celebrates two of Florida’s great treasures: the extraordinary birds and the remarkable photographers who capture their splendor. In this book, discover wonderful examples of both.

The Families of Birds is the heart and soul of this book. With each winning full-page photograph by our brilliant photographers, you will find descriptions of the unique aspects of each bird, demonstrating the great diversity of Florida’s birds. Whether you are a “fledgling” bird-watcher, a seasoned birder or an art appreciator, you hold in your hands a useful guide with fascinating details of birds’ unique behaviors and differentiating characteristics that celebrates Florida’s amazing birds. The full-page photos first appeared as the “Florida Bird Photo of the Month” in the Peligram, the PIAS newsletter. The Photographers who took these outstanding photographs are listed in the index, with page numbers indicating where to find their photos.

PIAS gets its name from the nearby Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (PINWR), the first National Wildlife Refuge in the country. President Teddy Roosevelt’s 1903 Executive Order created Pelican Island Refuge to protect egrets, pelicans and other birds from extinction, caused by massive slaughter of pelicans and the fashion craze for feather plumes of egrets, and even whole song and small birds on hats. In 1961, dedicated and concerned community leaders helped further protect Pelican Island by advocating the acquisition of surrounding lands that were slated for development to add to the Refuge. With success, they wanted to continue a working group to protect all of Indian River County’s pristine lands for wildlife. Thus the Indian River Preservation Society was formed. In 1964, seeking wider recognition, the organizers became the Pelican Island Audubon Society, a chapter of Florida Audubon Society, related to the National Audubon Society. Read more about our Florida birds’ experience in the History of Florida Birds. Also read in Threats why and how extinction again looms – and what you can do about it.

Such Variety of Birds in Varied Habitats, Climate and Topography, Migrating Birds and Permanent Residents gives information vital to understanding, thinking about, and identifying birds, while Be an Avian Detective! invites you to use key points to try doing so yourself. Interested in becoming or improving as a bird photographer? Check out the Tips: Taking a Great Photograph.

Everyone involved in creating this publication has contributed as a volunteer, proving how strongly Floridians and visitors appreciate and admire our birdlife. See Acknowledgements for the many contributors to this adventure. Much gratitude to everyone!

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