Need a Christmas Tree?

Want to help cool our Planet and save our manatees, fishes, birds, Lagoon and provide safe habitat for us and wildlife?  Consider getting a Firebush tree or a Red Cedar tree in a pot for $25 at the Audubon House at 195 9th St. SE, Vero Beach, FL 32962?

The Firebush has startling red and green leaves  with bright red blossoms that attract hummingbirds.  You can have a living native bush or tree in a pot that you can plant in your yard in the New Year or put on your patio to help feed birds in the future.   While the Red Cedar will need to be put into the ground and grows fast, the Firebush might still be a Christmas tree the following year.  You can add ornaments to these trees if you like.  

We have had a Firebush Christmas tree for the last couple of years. When not using it for a Holiday tree on a pedestal (on an over turned large clay pot), we have it on our porch where we watch with pleasure the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds feeding on their flowers!  Other birds come for their black berries. It is quite a sight to watch!

Visit Wednesday,  Friday,  or Sunday 9-11:00 am to purchase these two trees currently available at our Audubon House for $25 each. We also have free 7-8 ft. Southern Live Oak, 5 ft. Cypress, Mahogany, and Dahoon Holly trees available and other native plants available starting at $6 a pot. These are wonderful gifts for your loved ones!

People are happier when you bring nature up close!  Native plants beautify landscapes and deter crime. They improve and maintain the quality of water, soil, and air by removing pollutants.  Houses with trees sell more quickly and at higher prices—up to 12%.

Come get them while they last!

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