Pelican Island Audubon Society Public Meetings & Field Trips Cancelled

Since a majority of Pelican Island Audubon’s membership fall into a high risk group, our Board of Directors has decided to suspend all activities, including meetings and field trips, until further notice.  This follows National Audubon’s suggestion that we cancel all meetings with 10 or more people. 

Please go to the CDC website

CDC gives recommendations for community based organization on COVID-19. I’ve also provided the DOH sign on how to wash your hands. Please practice good cleaning, disinfection and hand hygiene practice. Also we encourage folks that are ill to stay home and those with family members in their home who are ill to stay home.  

Let’s also set an example when with others to keep our distance stay 6-10 feet away from others, and no hand-shaking, and keep tissues available for coughing into. Remember hand sanitizer 60% alcohol or greater is an effective preventative measure, but soap and water is better.

No person who has any symptoms or has a family member at home that has cold/flu symptoms should attend any gathering.  They should stay home and get everyone well.  Focus on keeping healthy.

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