Our 2012 Audubon Heroes!

The President’s Hoot
by Richard H. Baker, Ph.D.
April 2012

Annually we recognize the efforts of those who have contributed to our chapter and our community.  These awards also highlight our activities and hopefully inspire us all to work together to improve our quality of life and make Indian River County a better environmentally sound and happy place to live.

2012 Annual Award Winners Photos by Gail Cohen and Bob Montanaro

Phyllis Stockburger Award: Debby Ecker is retiring from our board, after many contributions. She led our major efforts in writing and passing Indian River County’s Tree and Landscaping Ordinances and authored the Booklet, “Indian River County Water: Coming and Going.”

Board Member of the Year: Bob Bruce, 1st Vice President, for taking responsibility in persistently solving many problems with gentle, helpful solutions.  Bob generously gives his time in providing fundraising boat trips to Blue Cypress Lake, selling our porcelain birds, and setting up our booth at local events.

Maggy Bowman/Conservationist of the Year: Ralph Monticello, Indian River Land Trust, for recognizing the importance and facilitating major purchase of conservation lands along the Lagoon.

Environmental Educator Award: Laurie Wykoff & Brad Wright, Teachers at Sebastian Middle School, for introducing Project Citizen Program to their students and guiding their community involvement.

Environmental Youth Award: Katrina Nilsson, Jessica Howell, David Green, Mark Green, Noah Rieck and Martha Grudens, Sebastian Middle School, for Best Team project, named “Mission Possible: Lagoon Rescue” under the Project Citizen Program, which aimed at saving the lagoon by promoting a strong fertilizer ordinance in Indian River County.

Environmental Citizen: Jane Schnee, who set the example of what a private individual can do to help preserve habitat for wildlife by purchasing 10 Ac. of Scrub Habitat for $100,000, that has scrub-jays on it and are breeding! As a follow up and Special Recognition and Thanks to Anytime Waste: Beatrice Garcia-Sartor & Fernando Sartor, for providing free dumpsters for Jane Schnee’s scrub habitat trash removal by many volunteers.

Conservation Journalist: Steve Thomas, Vero Beach 32963, for excellent investigative reporting on timely environmental issues in our county and especially his concern for the health of our Lagoon and efforts to get county and local officials to pass a strong fertilizer ordinance.
Environmental Landscaping Award: Marie Stiefel, Home Owner, Daniel Ford, Ford and Associates Design, and Michael Brice, Mike’s Landscape Maintenance, for installing a “green” water collection and distribution system, the grouping of plants based on their water needs, the use of native plants, and the minimization of lawn area.

President’s Award: Pat Walther, Carter Associates, Inc. for his extraordinary pro bono surveying and civil engineering efforts for the new Audubon Community Center.

Eleanor & Bud Kleckner Award: Wayne & Eva Sandlin for their generous time in organizing the very successful “Grand Prix of Vero” and contributing the proceeds to PIAS! 

Thank you all!

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