Finally, Some Hope To Save Our Manatees, Fishes, and Birds

Previous Hoots have sounded the alarm that we need to support improving our Indian River Lagoon (IRL), St. Sebastian River, and our manatees, fishes, and birds. Finally, there is some recent positive efforts by Gov. DeSantis who, on January 10, 2023, issued an Executive Order Number 23-06 recommitting to make our Lagoon and Everglades a priority for restoration. 

January 2023 Birds Need Plants Photo Contest

Birds have evolved into such unique diversity in every ecological niche. Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are the only woodpeckers that drill shallow holes through the cambium layer or inner bark of trees, tapping the plant tissues (xylem and phloem), which conduct water, nutrients, and sap that oozes out of the holes.

Let’s Listen to our Starving Manatees, Dying Fish, and Disappearing Birds about their concerns for the Graves Brothers Annexation and Sebastian Land Use Amendment

Unfortunately, our St. Sebastian River, Indian River Lagoon, our forests and wetlands, our starving manatees, and dying fishes, and disappearing birds can’t speak or are represented at the Sebastian City Council meetings where they discuss the Graves Bros. 2,000-acre annexation and Land Use Amendment.