Trees for Life

Mission: Collaborate with everyone including our youth by planting 100,000 native trees to transform our land, to save our Lagoon and waters, improve community health, and reduce the impacts of climate change. 

Benefits:Trees save energy, provide shade and wind breaks for our homes, cool our cities and neighborhoods, reduce the need for fertilizers, remove carbon dioxide and air pollutants from our air, retain topsoil, save water bills, provide for birds, butterflies, fish and people. 

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Tree Distribution in Indian River County

Click on the square at the upper top left for the map legend.. For a full screen version of the map, click on the box at upper right. The full screen version is best for zooming in and out on the tree locations.

LIVE OAK8861631,049
TREE TOTAL1,4042421,646
Pelican Island Audubon Tree distribution as of December 2, 2020.

Many thanks to Cherry Lake Farms for providing the Bald Cypress trees and Sebastian River Farms for providing Winged Elm, Sand live oak, Live Oak, Southern Red Cedar, Slash pine, Red Maple, Sycamore, Green, and Silver Buttonwood, Brodie Eastern Red Cedar.

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