Our Mission: To preserve and protect the animals, plants, and natural communities
in Indian River County through advocacy, education, and public awareness.

Pelican Island Audubon Society
Boy Scout Merit Badge Program

Pelican Island Audubon Society has been helping Boy Scouts in the area earn Merit Badges.  The first group of Boy Scouts earned “Bird Study” Merit Badges in November 2012.  The second program currently in progress is helping Boy Scouts earn their “Nature” Merit Badges. To earn a Nature Merit Badge, the Boy Scouts have to complete requirements in 5 of the following 8 categories:  Birds, Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians, Insects & Spiders, Fish, Mollusks & Crustaceans, Plants, and Soils & Rocks.

Below are some pictures taken by the Mother of one of the Scout’s during two of our outings with them in May and June 2013:

Mottled Duck with babies at the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. With Boy Scouts on 6/19.13.

Female Great Southern White Butterfly at rest. Note the female can be darker than the male.  Also note the blue on the tip of the antennae.  Thousands were seen at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge by Boy Scouts on 6/19/13.

Florida Scrub Jay seen at North Sebastian Conservation Area by Boy Scouts on 6/5/13.

Florida Scrub Lizard, considered a threatened species due to habitat loss.  Endemic to Florida.  Seen by Boy Scouts at North Sebastian Conservation Area on 6/5/13.


PIAS has qualified Counselors to help the Boy Scouts earn these Merit Badges and we’ve been asked by the Boy Scouts if anyone would like to become a Counselor for any of the following Merit Badges:  Animal Science, Bird Study, Dog Care, Environmental Study, Fish & Wildlife Management, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Forestry, Gardening, Horsemanship, Insect Study, Mammal Study, Nature, Oceanography, Pets, Plant Science, Reptile & Amphibian Study, Soil & Water Conservation.  If anyone would like to become a Counselor in this important and rewarding program, please contact PIAS.   To find out what the Scouts must learn in each subject, go to: http://www.scoutmasterbucky.com and click on “Merit Badges Index Page” on the left, then click on the particular subject and it will tell you what they need to learn and do.

And, PIAS would like to thank the following members for all of their help with these Merit Badge programs:  Juanita Baker, Bob Bruce, Cathy Ferrell, Tina Marchese, Helen Marner, Jane Schnee, Don & Karen Schuster.

Text by Jane Schnee.