Our Mission: To preserve and protect the animals, plants, and natural communities
in Indian River County through advocacy, education, and public awareness.
Schedule of Programs and other events
Call 772-567-3520 for more information.
North Indian River County Library
1001 Sebastian Boulevard (C.R. 512)
- all meetings start at 6:00 p.m. -
Vero Beach Community Center
2266 14th Avenue, Vero Beach
- all meetings start at 7:00 p.m. -
December potluck starts at 6:00 p.m.
River House - 305 Acacia Road, Vero Beach starting at 6:00 p.m.
September 19 (Vero Beach) - Snakes Alive with Jerry Walls, live snake show
October 10 (Sebastian) - The Trail of Trees with Tim Womick, Florida Urban Forestry Council
October 17 (Vero Beach) - Blooms, Bugs, Berries & Birds with Janice Broda, Volunteer Coordinator, Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory-PIAS Volunteer Nature Stewardship Program
November 14 (Sebastian) - Amazing Alligators with Jerry Walls, live alligator show
November 21 (Vero Beach) - Birding northern Ecuador along the Magic Birding Circuit with Bill & Becky Loftus
December 12 (Vero Beach) - Annual Potluck - 6:00PM
January 9 (Sebastian) - Florida's Bats with Shari Blissett-Clark, Florida Bat Conservancy
January 16 (Vero Beach) - Birds of Indian River County with Joseph Pescatore, nature photography
February 6 (Vero Beach - River House) - Indian River Lagoon: problems and potential solutions with Duane DeFreese, Ph.D., Executive Director, Indian River Council / Lagoon National Estuary Program
February 13 (Sebastian) - Nature Photography with George Bollis
February 20 (Vero Beach) -Swallow-tailed Kite Conservation: 27 Years of Applied Research with Ken Meyer, Ph.D., Avian Research and Conservation Institute
March 6 (Vero Beach - River House) - Florida's Black Bears with Tom Shupe, District Wildlife Biologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
March 13 (Sebastian) - Sea Turtles of the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge with Celeste McWilliams,
Barrier Island Center Sea Turtle Educator
March 20 (Vero Beach) - "Ding" Darling - The Man, the Refuge, and the Legacy with Paul Tritaik,
Refuge Manager, J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge
April 3 (Vero Beach - River House) - Ocean Plastic: The Problems, The Science, The Solutions with Patty Goffinet, Blue Tube
April 10 (Sebastian) - What does the manatee say: Manatee Communication & Vocalizations with Beth Brady, Ph.D.
April 17 (Vero Beach) - An Illustrative Tour of Sebastian Inlet State Park with Ed Perry, Sebastian Inlet State Park ranger and wildlife photographer
May 8 (Sebastian) - Hummingbird Habitat with Lavon Silvernell
May 15 (Vero Beach) - Butterflies with Ken Gonyo