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The information in each essay for each photograph was written by Juanita N. Baker after reading The Cornell University Laboratory scientifically based articles on each bird species by subscribing to their service, The Birds of North America (BNA), http://americanornithology.org/content/birds-north-america-online. The BNA series was produced as a collaborative effort of the American Ornithology Union, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Academy of Natural Sciences. Much credit goes to each of the authors and many scientists who contributed the articles, have done the research and published the references. Please subscribe to the The Birds of North America if you want more in depth information on any of the bird species.

The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's All About Birds has a great website to learn more about birds of North America and has marvelous videos. You also learn much basic data on every bird along with calls and a map of location, see their website: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/browse_tax.aspx
And view Cornell's Lab of Ornithology: Building Photography Skills


Arlene Willnow - January

Mark Eden - February

J.R. Williams - March

Maria Heffernan - April

Bill Capie - May

Barbara Whitlam - January

Will Johnson - February

Maria Heffernan - March

Yvonne Tso - May

John Waite - November

Arlene Willnow - December

Bob Montanaro -January

Cara Woods - February

Joseph Pescatore - March

Ellie Van Os - April

Bob Montanaro - August

Arlene Willnow - September

Joe Pescatore - October

Edward McCool - November

Dawn Currie - December

Don Schuster - January

Hart Rufe - February

Maria Heffernan - March

Dawn Currie - April

Andy Liu - May

Richard Baker - June

Mac Stone - August

J.R. Williams - September

November - Douglas Lange

December - John Middleton, Jr.

Milton Heiberg - January

G. Lee Benson - February

Lisa Willnow - March

Karen Schuster - April

Tim Towles - May

Jennifer Lanam - July

Thelma Eliza Gatuzzo - August

Danny Bales - September

J.R. Williams - October

Robert Feldberg - November

Peter Connelly - December

Dawn Currie - January

Karen Schuster -February

Don Schuster - March

Crystal Samuel - April

Maria Heffernan - May

Bob Montanaro - June

Mark J. Eden - July

Reinier Munguia - August

J.R. Williams - September

Richard H. Baker - October

Susan King - November

John Waite - December

Dawn Currie - January

J.R. Williams - February

Stephanie Black - March

Donald Schuster - April

Mary Lou Christy - May

Lynn Walsh - August

J.R. Williams - September

Crystal Samuel - October

Sam Fried - November

Lisa Willnow - December

John Waite - January

Yvonee Lee Tso - March

Donald Schuster - April

J.R. Williams - May

Crystal Samuel - June

Linda Leonard - July

Susan King - August

George Bollis - September

Lisa Willnow - October

John Waite - December

Don Morris - January

Douglas Lange - February

John Waite - March

Sarah Kappel - April

Mark Mittleman - May

Lisa Willnow - September

Dawn Currie - October

Arlene Willnow - November


Bob Barbour - November

Sarah Kappel

J.R. Williams - December