Our Mission: To preserve and protect the animals, plants, and natural communities
in Indian River County through advocacy, education, and public awareness.
Janice Broda waters rescued native plants at the site while Sam looks on. Photo: Bob Montanaro

Detailed building plans were submitted to the county for permits to begin building our Center. Received approval to remove the vegetation from the construction site. The following volunteers have potted 190 native plants in the construction area that will be returned to the site when major construction is complete: Susan Boyd, Bob Bruce, Joe Carroll, Ken Gonyo, Darlene Halliday, Katie Kitchener, Cynthia Lord, Doreen McLeod, Jean McGovern, Laurie Null, Woodrow Peterson, Jean Romano, Karen Schuster, and Susan Warmer. Thank you to Bob Smith & Tim Glover for donating pots

An old artesian well was given new life, and Bob Bruce, Jim Kirley, Ken Gonyo, and Susan Boyd laid new pipe for irrigation and future ORCA restoration. Bob Bruce, Joe Carroll Bob Bruce, Jim Kirley, and Ken Gonyo removed a metal pipe structure over an existing slab on the property, and Peter Sutherland trucked it to a recycling center. The slab is part of our new plant nursery.

ORCA is also getting a new look:

  • Ken Gonyo, Susan Warmer, Jean Romano, Susan Boyd are clearing all the ORCA trails on both sides of Oslo Road and repaired the bridge going over a drainage ditch on the south side of ORCA.
  • Beth Powell, County Land Manager installed much-needed new county direction signs on the trails. It should be less easy to get lost now at ORCA.
  • The Indian River Mosquito Control District repaired the kiosk near the impoundment.